Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slacking as usual!!!

Alright I am really not doing a great job on this blogging thing. I will get better. As I said last time Bailey got baptized a couple weeks ago and it was so special. Ryan did such an awesome job, of course, and Bailey was just glowing. It was beautiful weather, all our family and friends were there, and a bunch of Bailey's friends came which was really sweet! It was a very special day for all of us. We have some more exciting news in our family. We are FINALLY having a baby. The little one is due in March and we are so excited. We have had a little scare because I started having some problems and thought I had lost it. Went to the Doc and I have a placenta tear which has caused me to have a huge blood clot in my uterus. So they told us I was at high risk to loose it and that they could not do anything other than I have to stop doing everything I love to do. Which would include softball, volleyball, exercising(which I don't care for anyway). So I just have to sit on my butt and read books. When we first found out about it, it was really scary and they were not really certain on anything. We went back this week and it is already getting smaller but is still good in size. Baby is doing great and just going crazy in there. So those of you that have been praying for us THANK YOU and keep it up. Those of you that haven't please start!!! I will post some pictures tonight!!