Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Update

Wow!! Well it has been a while since I have been on here. Our life has been so extremely busy!! The girls started school on the August 19th which is when all choas hit. They love school and are really enjoying their teachers. Soccer has also started and has been a blast. Ryan is coaching Brinley's team and they are kicking booty! Bailey is playing competitive this year and they are also kicking booty! They have both won all their games so it has been really fun. They are also both taking piano and love it! Braxton is still growing up so fast. He is almost 18 months old. He has such a fun personality and is definitely a joy in our home. I am still the beehive advisor in YW and Ryan just got put in as the scoutmaster. So as you can imagine we are very busy! I will try and post some pictures soon! My mom and dad are coming to visit in two weeks so I am counting down the days. Then we are headed up north the end of September for the big BYU vs. USU football game. GO AGGIES!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Special Olympics

This year for youth conference our ward volunteered for the special olympics that were held here in Cedar City. It was so much fun and such a humbling experience. To see this athletes and their excitement in being able to participate in this event was just amazing. The thing that I admired most about these people is there is no competitive spirit in them what-so-ever! They are just there to have fun and be a part of such a great event. During races they would stop and help someone running next to them and give eachother high fives after the race. It was just such a special experience not only for us as leaders but for the youth in our ward. So I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to volunteer and meet some of these special spirits that are living in our world today. It was AMAZING!!

Almost Summer!

Wow! I can not believe the girls are done with school this week. I am so excited for summer to be here. We have been very busy lately with soccer and end of school programs. Soccer is now done and the girls both had a great year. Bailey has been asked to play on a summer games team so she is really excited about that. It should be a fun experience for her. She was also asked to play on a traveling soccer team this fall. And so it begins, right? The girls are both starting softball this week as well. We have had several fun weekends in Mesquite sittin' by the pool and swimming. We are going to Logan this weekend for Meagan's wedding and to visit with fam! I am so excited!! Then my family is coming down the following week to visit and have some fun. My aunt Nancy is even able to come along with my mom and Mind. We are going to have a blast. Braxton is now 14 months old and still just as fun as ever. He has such a funny personality already and is keeping us busy. We hope all of you are doing well and we miss you all very much!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Pics

Catch Up Pics

Major Catch Up!

Alright I have really been slackin' this month and of course it was a very busy month so I have lots to share. We had a great Easter times three. We did our stuff here at home and then headed to Mesquite for another egg hunt and dinner. Then the week after that headed to Logan and my mom did her thing with the kids. So Yes they were very spoiled. The girls enjoyed their spring break even though we got 7 inches of snow their first day off. So Ryan and I took them to St. George to the Sand Hallow aquatic center to swim. We also went to the red rock and took some hikes in Snow canyon. It was such a fun weekend!! The week we were in Logan we also had a shower for Meagan and it was so much fun! I am so excited for her and can't believe it is almost here! So we will be back in Logan over Memorial Day weekend for her wedding and to visit with fam. The girls have started soccer so we are very busy! They are both doing great and are so much fun to watch. Ryan is coaching Brin's team this year so she is excited about that. I can't believe the girls only have four weeks of school and then it is summer!!! I love it! Well I think that is the big things we have been enjoying lately. I hope you are all doing well and we miss you all a lot!

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Birthday Pics!

Birthday Boy!!!

Holy Cow!! Braxton turned one on the 12th and I just can not believe it has already been a year since this little guy joined our family. He is so much fun and we love watching him grow and develop. He is now on regular milk...thank the heavens up above! As you know he is walking, he waves bye, plays peek-a-boo, blows kisses, and will nod his head when you ask him questions. He has learned so much so fast. I forget how fast they pick up on things. He has been a very spoiled boy! We celebrated with my family a week early while we were up in Logan. He got tonz of fun toys that he loves to play with! Then Misty and Jason came and spent the weekend of his birthday with us. It was so much fun. He absolutely loved his cake. And he got double the cakes since we celebrated twice. The video is so funny so I will definitely post it soon. He also went to the doc today and got his shots. Poor kid!! He is 25 lbs. 10 oz. (85%), 32 in. long (96%), and his head is 19 in. (92%). So Yes he is still growing and very big for his age. But that's how we love him!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brinley's Baptism

Well I am a few weeks late but I just wanted to post the adorable pictures from Brin's baptism. It was an awesome day and we are grateful for those who were able to come and help us celebrate this special day. Brinley looked so pretty in her dress! She was very nervous most the day and especially when we got to the church. But she did great! When she was getting into the water she teared up a little bit and when I was helping her change she said,"Mom, I kinda cried when I was getting in the water with dad but I think it was just the spirit." It was so adorable and we are so proud of Brin and the example she is not only to our family but to all her friends at school and church. We love her so much and are so lucky to have her sweet but fiesty spirit in our home!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Braxton's First Steps

Well I can't believe it is already here! Braxton is walking!!! For like a month and a half he would take a couple of steps and then sit down. Then the other night he was really excited about it and just kept walking back and forth to Ryan and I. So we caught some video of his first few steps. Now he is out of control walking all over. He will take off from the couch and walked all the way down the hallway the other day. Now to convince him it is easier just to walk then to get down and crawl. He is learning new things so fast and I am having a hard time keeping up with him. It is crazy to think he will be One next month!!! He is so much fun and I have loved being able to stay home with him.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merry Christmass, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday!!

I am a little late but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We were very spoiled this year and had a great time. Ryan's brother Aaron and his wife Tracey decided to come down to Cedar and surprise his parents on Christmas day. It has been over 5 years since we have all been together on Christmas. So it was a great surprise and we had so much fun. My girls just love their Aunt Tracey and were so excited when they found out she was coming to sleepover at our house. New Years was a change for me. We have been at my mom's every year and have a little New Year's party, play rock band, and visit with Jon and Sara since they are normally up north this time of year. This year we were home with just our kids having a little party. Which was still fun but we did not dare go bang our pots and pans at midnight like normal here in our new neighborhood. So we definitely missed that fun tradition. Last but not least Brinley had a birthday on January 4th. She is 8 years old!!! So now we are preparing for a baptism the first of February and she is scared that her dad is going to hold her under the water too long! We are really excited for her and it has been fun helping her prepare for this special day. A little update on all of us...we are all doing great. My knee is finally getting better and I feel like someday I might be normal again. Maybe?? Was I ever normal?? Anyways Ryan's work is still great. He loves it and really enjoys the people he works with. Bay and Brin are both doing great in school and can't wait for spring to get here so they can start soccer. Bailey just started piano lessons again this past week so we are really excited about that. Braxton is still doing great and learning new things everyday. He now will wave bye and his dad thinks he has learned the sign for 3 pointer or touchdown. Little does he know I taught him "So big" which is why he raises his hands in the air. But hey whatever he wants to think is great. So all is well here in Cedar! We hope you are all doing great as well and we miss you lots!!