Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Family Fun

Well we have had a lot of fun these last couple of days. We got another big snow storm so our neighbor Tanner pulled Bay and Brin behind his four wheeler in the snow. They has so much fun!! However their fun was promptly over after a cop drove by. We also bought the game Rock Band and have played it quite a bit together. It is pretty hard for the girls but they are getting the hang of it. We had family home evening tonight because I had to work last night so we took the girls to the Fun Park and then went to dinner at Costa Vita. It was really funny because one of Bailey's friends wanted to come and Bailey was telling her she couldn't because we were having Family Home Evening. Well her friend did not know what that was so Bailey described it to her like this," It is when our family just gets together and hangs out and talks about Jesus and stuff." It was really cute. It has been really fun to watch the girls learn and grow in the church. Although there testimonies are very small and they probably really don't know they have made Ryan and my testimonies grow so much! They are special little girls and we are so grateful for them in our lives!!!!!!


Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

I just love you, what a neat post. You just make me so excited for Ava to get older and to add more children to our family. I love the picture of you on the sled, but it doesn't look like you are going anywhere to quickly. We definitely need to come down and visit soon and enjoy some of that Cache Valley winter.