Thursday, May 22, 2008

Citizenship Award

We are so proud of our little Brinley. Their last day of kindergarten was yesterday and they had an assembly for the whole school last night. They gave out awards in each class and each grade. We received a letter in the mail that said Brinley would be getting and award so we were excited to see what was going on. Well she recieved the Citizenship award for being the best helper to her teachers and her friends. We were really excited for her. She is such a good kid and is very kind to her friends at school. We love her so much!! I can't believe she is going to be in first grade! They gave her a cute little certificate and took her picture with her teacher and principal. She was very shy at first. She kept saying," Mom, I hope they don't call my name next." Well the time came and she did finally go up with a little coaxing by her dad.


Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

What a sweet little girl! How exciting, both girls in school ALL day next year! Looks like it's time to get started on baby #3

Mindy Neal said...

Congratulations Brinley!! We are so proud of you.

Brooke Jackson said...

Way to go Brinley! Thats a pretty cool award to get.