Sunday, June 1, 2008

School & Soccer Come to an End

Well I have so much to catch up on. The weekend of Memorial Day Ryan's family came up and we had a blast. We met up with Keven's family at the Logan Cemetery and then went to Keven's sisters house for lunch. The girls had so much fun because Ryan's cousin Joel has adopted three of the cutest little boys and the girls just adore them so they were in heaven. And I must admit I was as well. Then we went to the Plymouth, Clarkston, and Orem cemetery to see all of Ryan's great grandparents graves. It was a lot of fun to hear the stories his mom and dad had to tell about them. Sunday we went to Aaron and Tracey's house for dinner and to visit. Tracey fixed a yummy dinner that she was used to having back home in Zimbabwe. She made Yorkshire pudding which was my favorite!!! It was so good!!! I am a picky eater and I loved it. We hated to see them all go home but were grateful for all the fun we had together. I have been a little stressed out with life lately so it was just what I needed. Then that Wednesday the girls had their last soccer game. I was sad to see it end. They have just loved playing this year and we have loved watching them. School has also come to an end for Bailey now as well. They had a little play in their class on Thursday which was just adorable. She just loved her teacher this year and was sad to leave the last day. But we are definitely ready for summer!!!!


kENNinGtONS said...

Oh, how cute are they! Hope you guys have fun this summer together!

Nicole Earl said...

Cute Cami! I've tried to start my blob, but having stress. Call me!

Nicole Earl said...

Yes, it is a BLOB to me not a BLOG!