Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hooray for Food.....Or not??

Braxton had his four month check-up on Monday and man is he a chunk!! His official stats are:
18 pounds 10 ounces 97%
25 3/4 inches long 80%
17 inch head circ. 75%
The doctor was laughing at him because he says most kids are 20 pounds when they are about a year old and he is pretty sure he will be past that mark next time he sees him. I love it though! He is so cute and such a happy baby. So I was all excited to finally feed him some real food and he will not eat it!! He spits it out and gags all the time. I am getting a little frustrated because I don't know what to do. I guess I will just wait a little bit longer and then try again. Maybe then he will be ready???? I just knew he was going to chow down but I guess I was wrong!!


Cassidy said...

so funny that when we see each others pics of logan we become so envious. I am glad that i am not the only one TOLERATING cedar. :)But sadly i don't think either of us are going to get out of here. :( That is so cute. He is a big boy. My brody was that way and you know that he is healthy. A trick i would try with the cereal (worked with bently) I just added a little apple juice to make it not so blah. I helped me. cute stinker.

Bo and Mandy said...

I love it, I have a feeling stetson might be 20 pounds before too long too. Its ok, chunky babies are cute and healthy!!!