Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today my precious little girl is turning 9 years old!! I just can't believe how old she is getting. The thing I am having the hardest time accepting is that she is in fourth grade.....two more years and she will be in middle school!! Where did my little baby go? As most of you know Bailey is one in a million. She has the cutest and most outgoing personality. She always has us laughing and can always make you smile. She is such a good sister and always such a great help to her mom! She is a great example not only to her friends but to her family. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! We love you so much and hope you have an awesome day! We are headed to Seven Peaks with my fam tomorrow for her birthday and spending the weekend playing in Park City so I will have lots of fun pictures to post once we get back. We love you Bay!!!


Brooke Jackson said...

Happy birthday Bay! I knew I chose a good name for my little girl! Hope you all have a fun weekend.