Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wow, its been a while!!!!

Well I must admit life has been a bit crazy the last little bit for us. I started a new job and I am loving it. I am working at Wescor with my sister. It is a bit of a change to go from nursing to secretary work but it is great money and no weekends and holidays which is the best part. Besides the fact that I don't work nights anymore!!!! HOORAY! I thought the day would never come! But I do miss all my girls from the hospital. I love them to death!
So here is the low down on what we have done the last month. We have been camping, boating,my adorable neice got baptized(even though I was puking my guts out all day), and Bailey had a birthday. I can't believe she is 8 years old already. She is getting baptized next Saturday so we are really excited. She has such a special spirit and is so much fun for us to have. They have both started school. Brin babes is in First grade and has done awesome with the adjustment from half day to all day. She loves it and thinks it is so cool she gets to eat lunch. Bailey is in third grade and loves her teacher. Ryan went back to school this week so the countdown is on. Needless to say our lives are pretty hectic right now. Wish us luck and I promise I will try and keep updated on this blog thing!


The Lawley's said...

Yeah it's about time you updated!! I miss you at work. I'm glad your happy!! We need to get together and do lunch or something... miss you.