Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Husbands Post

I just wanted to clarify the video that Ryan added to our blog. I figured he would at least write a little something to explain the video but no he just put the video. So I will give you a little background. Ryan and his friend Ben decided they wanted to go to the Rocky Mountain Revue. It was honestly like Christmas for them two. They were perma-grin from the time they decided to do it until the day actually arrived. They were able to watch Jaycee Carroll play and they saw a lot of former Aggies and present Aggies there to support him. Such as Spencer Nelson, Nate Harris, and Gary Wilkinson. They went at 10 o'clock in the morning and did not get home until after 11. So they were there all day long. The game that he has the video from is when the Iranian Olympic team played the Jazz. It was on KJAZZ and as you can see they made it on t.v. a couple of times. So they are really proud of themselves. They had a lot of fun and it was definitely worth the money and the trip!!


The Lawley's said...

Hey Cami!! It's so crazy that i found your blog. of course I am at work and should be working... Don't tell the boss!! anyways hope you are feelin better. see you soon. P.S. i'm addin you to my blog hope you don't mind!!

Kyle, Sara, Cooper, & Bella said...

Cami! It's Sara Bingham-Harvey.. found you on blog! I think the rock band video is hilarious! And ask Ryan if I can get his autograph as he is now a local celebrity! Hope all is well with your family! Your girls are getting sooo big and are gorgeous as always! take care!

Michelson said...

hi girl, just checking on you... are you guys all ok? It's so not like you to not update this great blog, it always looks great, just had to give you a hard time, I really hope your enjoying life! :)