Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Boating Pictures


Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

Okay, first of all let me just say that I hate you DeSpain girls and your beautiful tan skin!

Second, I am so jealous that you went boating. It has been a while and that makes me want a boat so bad.

Third, your little Bailey is such a poser, I love to look at pictures of her because it totally reminds me of poses you and I used to do.

Fourth, I wish we lived closer too, We do need to take a little trip to Logan sometime though. Maybe that can be our summer vacation since it doesn't look like we are going anywhere else.

Fifth, thanks for updating, I have been a little worried.

Michelson said...

Hey girl, very cute update it looks great. The boating trip looks so fun. It's so nice to see the pictures but it makes me too sad some days!! I miss you all! Give everyone a squeeze!!!

Stacey & Jason said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer as well! We are having a blast, and are always doing something. Your boating adventures look so fun as well! And yes, my dog is so cute and fun! He's the highlight of our house these days!