Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Boating Trip

Once again I have really been slacking on my blog. We are all doing great and enjoying the summer. We have kept very busy. We have gone to Bear Lake, Lagoon, and of course the Logan pool several times. Meagan took us boating the other day and it was such a blast!! We had so much fun and are so glad that she took us. Bailey attempted to water ski but that didn't turn out so hot! She couldn't keep her ski's together but now I learned that there are ties that you can hook them together with so we will try again. But the first time she tried, after many times of telling her to make sure she let go of the rope if she fell, failed to let go and let the boat drag her for quite a while before she finally decided to let go. It made me a little nervous and needless to say after that I had to beg her to try one more time and that was all she would do. Of course after that none of the other kids wanted to try either. Mindy and I both rode the tubes and put on the old skiis. I must say I am getting much older because I definitely could not ski as long as I used to be able to and my arms hurt so bad the next day I could have cried. But it was such a fun day!! So thanks Meag for taking us and for the good time!!!