Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Visit to Logan

Wow!! What a fun weekend we had for our first visit back to Logan. We arrived there late Thursday night and were greeted by my sister Mindy and all her kids. They came running out the door to give us hugs. It was great!! I missed them A LOT! The girls had a sleep over at the Neal's that night. Then Friday Mindy and I took all the kids to spend the day at the fun park. They roller skated, played lazer tag, and played in the soft play. They had so much fun and did not ever want to leave. We went to lunch at Grist Mill! of my favs, and headed to the doc. Baby is still doing great and we are only two months away. I am more than ready for him to be here. I am done being sick everyday and just want him here to play with. That night all my family went to dinner at Hamilton's while the kids stayed home with Shak and had a pizza party of their own. It was delicious!! I am still a fan of Copper Mill though. Saturday was a busy day. We started it bright and early with the girls doing a cheer camp up at Utah State. We watched Taydem play basketball which was so fun. He does such an awesome job!! Then I went to lunch with all of my favorite friends from the hospital. It was so great to see them because I have not seen them for a while. Then my mom, Mindy, and I were off to the fabric store so I could find some cute fabric for my mom to make a baby wrag time quilt. Which we did. My mom is so amazing. She can honestly sew one in like two days. So I am going to make her sew a couple!! Then that night we went to the basketball game. It was a sold out game so as most of you know it is one of the funnest things ever. The girls danced at half time and did great. Of course we won and it was a really fun game to be at. After the game we headed to Cold Stone for ice cream. And ended the night with Tyker falling at cold stone and cutting his lip open and having to have 3 stitches in his lip. I hated for the weekend to come to an end but it was such a fun trip!! Thanks to my fam for making it so fun and spending time with us. I can't wait for you guys to come down here where it is much warmer!!!!


Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

So fun! I am glad you were able to pack so much fun into one weekend. All that talk about Grist Mill, Coppermeal,I am seriously needing a trip to Logan. It's been a really long time, actually since your wedding I think. I'm excited for your little guy to get here too, can't wait to see pics. So are you trying to find a doctor down in Cedar or what is the plan, and do you have name for the little guy yet?

Brooke Jackson said...

I am so sad that I could not come to lunch! My in-laws were in town from Cedar too. I miss you though and I hope you are all doing well!