Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Magic Hunt

Alright....I am not very happy that the very best baby lotion on the earth is not available anymore!! I don't understand!!! So I need your help. If any of you know where I can get the Baby Magic Original Baby lotion(Not soft baby scent) I will love you forever!! I cannot find any online except for on E-baby and they are selling them for like $30 a bottle! You can apparently get them somewhere because they are buying and selling them on E-bay so I have got to find them. I don't know if it is just a Utah thing and maybe they sell it in other states still or what. So if any of you find some I would love if you could snatch it up for me and I would gladly send some money plus a tip for the trouble!!! (Cheaper than $30 a bottle) I am running out of time and did not realize I could not just buy it at the store. I can not convince myself to put the Johnson and Johnson on my little guy because it is just not the same!


Brooke Jackson said...


That is the link to buy baby magic. It is $7.19/bottle. I hope thats the right stuff!

Brooke Jackson said...

Okay so that didn't work like I thought it would :) just go to drugstore.com

wade and shannon said...

I found you some baby magic at Macey's in Logan! I bought you just two, I'll give them to Mindy when I see her next. If you want more they have plenty. Good luck with your baby!