Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day. I know I did!! Both my Sisters families were here and it was such a blast! We had a full house but it was a lot of fun. So much fun that I did not get any pictures. Bug had a soccer tournament in St. George so they just stayed here with us. She played awesome and they took first in the tournament. It is so much fun to watch her team play because they play so well together as a team for their age. So we spent all day Saturday and Monday watching her. Sunday we all just hung out at my house and played some Rock Band and watched movies. Shakiah brought her friend Whitney so we had a lot of fun!! Needless to say I have not done that much for a long time so Monday night I went to bed at like 8:00!!! Really unusual for me! I am so glad they came down and it was so fun to see them all. The only bad thing is they brought the Cache Valley weather with them so it was not very warm!! One of my best friends(Nicci) stopped by on Thursday on her way to St. George and it was so fun to see her, her hubby, and cute little Brin. I love her to death and look up to them both so much!!! They are great people and hope that she will be back to visit again when it is a little warmer. So my weekend was packed full of great visitors and fun times!! Thanks guys for coming down to visit. I love you all and miss you even more!!!


Nicole Earl said...

You are tooooo cute! I'm so glad we got to stop by. Your house is darling and so are you. I am so excited to see the little one! I can't believe it is almost time. Thanks for your sweet words. You are the greatest!!!

Kyle, Sara, and Co. said...

I cannot believe how mature and beautiful your babies are!

P.S. you need to post a pic of your growing belly!!

wade and shannon said...

Hey Cami, I haven't seen your girls forever, they are so cute.
I'm sad to hear you've moved.But I bet its nice in the winter!!!keep in touch. (via blog)
P.S.congrats on baby #3