Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekend Full of Family

The Girls and Grandma

Grandma Hess, Me, Brin, Emily(Desiree's Roomate), and Aunt Des

Grandpa enjoying the game!

Brin and Des

Once again we had such a great weekend and week so far. Of course we had a Super Bowl party with Ryan's family. It was so much fun! We had sandwiches and snackies but the game was a little upsetting. I was really cheering for the underdogs. At least it was a good game and not a blow out. Then my mom came down Monday night and just left this morning. It was so much fun to have her here. We had our days full of activities which mostly consisted of shopping. We went to St. George on Tuesday and found her some cute birthday outfits. She was just loving the warm weather. We sat outside on the porch both days and just let the kids ride their bikes. It was so nice!!! So thank you mom for making my week!! We love you lots! Then we went to our doc on Tuesday as well and got nothing but amazing news!! Our baby boy is doing awesome and growing quickly. He is 5 pounds 5 ounces already so now they have pushed his due date up to the 14th instead of the 19. All good with me!!! She could not see any sign of a tear on my placenta so it has completely healed over and no blood clot!!!! I was so excited I could have cried. Once again something to keep my testimony growing. I know the Lord does look after us and answers our prayers! So I could not be happier with my week. I thought these pictures were so cute of him(I am hoping Braxton) but yes his nose is huge. She said he is really close to the surface so it is really smushed but he looks just like his daddy!!


Mindy Neal said...

Looks like fun. Maybe I will be there to see you next weekend!!