Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Time!

Braxton coloring his eggs!

Bay hard at work

Brin's golden egg

The kids colored their Easter eggs today and it was blast! Brin got so excited about it so I guess she forgot already how fun it was. The first thing they asked when we got done was when we were going to go roll them down the hill. This will be our first big holiday not being at home(Logan) so it really makes me miss my fam. We normally dye our eggs and roll them down old main hill so Brin decided that the small slant in our yard would work in place of Old main. It made me laugh! Braxton pretty much slept through the whole activity so Ryan and I did his for him. We have a lot of fun stuff planned for this weekend that I am excited about. We are headed to St. George tomorrow to get the kids pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids and to look at new cars. We are a little to big for our little Honda now so we are trying to find something a little bigger. I love the Honda Pilot so we have been looking at them. We will see!!! Then on Saturday we are having a girls day out. Me and Des(Ryan's sis) are taking the girls to the new Hannah Montana movie and to lunch. Also they have a easter egg hunt Saturday morning at the park so we are taking the girls to that as well. It should be a great and busy weekend!


Stacey & Jason said...

Thanks! Yeah I've lost weight... about 45 lbs.

Congrats on the new baby! Adorable! Coloring eggs looks fun too, we're doing that this weekend!

Looks like you have your hands full and are doing well! Your girls are growing up so fast!

wade and shannon said...

I'm so jealous to see your kids in shorts and no shoes!! how unfair!!
We are still in winter gear. So have fun in the sun, and think about us in Logan freezing.