Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gotta Love It!!!

I just love conference weekend for a number of reasons. The best is being able to lounge around all day and not get ready. No not really but that definitely is a plus. I love all the many great reminders we get on what we can do better in life. It never ceases to amaze me how right on the apostles and leaders of the church are on what we members need to hear and be reminded of. I don't remember who it was but they talked on change and how it is essential for our growth as members of the church and how those changes are meant to help us progress in our lives. Yeah....that talk was for me. It just re-affirmed my thoughts that this is where I am supposed to be and I will be able to help those around me here in Cedar in ways that I don't know yet. Conference also reminded how much I miss being able to look out a window and see the temple. It has been a while since we have been able to go so I am so excited to get back at it and go to a new temple that I have not been in before. We definitely took for granted having the temple so close. Now that we have to travel a little bit hopefully will help us realized how lucky we were and how important it is for us to go regularly. Well I could go on and on but once again it was another amazing conference and once again gives us that excitement and reminders on how to be better people. One of my good friends from up north stopped by for a visit too. I miss her so much and was so glad to see her. Her family is just adorable and provided us with a few laughs in the short time they were here. Thanks Brooke for stopping by and taking the time to come see us. It was so great to see you!!


Cassidy said...

I agree 100%. Good sunday. Yeah we live in Enoch. We should go to the park or something when the wind goes away. Just to get out or something. Your little guys is so stinking cute.

Cassidy said...

oh it probly wasme. You aren't the only one who goes there twice a day. besides what else is there to do around here. I am so out of it at walmart trying to remember everything so i don't have to go back.