Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where's Braxton??

Well I had a small scare the other night. Bailey a.k.a Blondie Mommie was holding her brother as usual while I was doing some stuff on the computer. Well she thinks she is like 20 so she thinks she has to walk around with him. So I get up and she is not where I left her. So I went in her room and she was there laying on her bed but no baby??? So I asked her,"Where is your brother." Well she just gets a big grin on her face! By this time I am not thinking this is very funny. Well as you can see in the picture she put him in her closet!!!! She was so proud of herself because she said she made him a little bed and he loved it in there. Thank goodness she did not shut the door on him and was smart enough to leave it open. I was so mad I did not even know what to do or say so all I could do was laugh. Needless to say she is monitored a lot closer now when she has her brother and she promised she would never put him in her closet again!!!


Brooke Jackson said...

OH MAN! At least she made him a bed!?!

Mindy Neal said...

That is so funny. I was waiting for her to carry him off and put him in a baby stroller or something like that. At least she did not drop him along the way!!

Cassidy said...

seriously the little stinker. so cute though.